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WeightControl – more than just weighing scales

The new calf weighing scales make recording weight and other information child's play. The system is based on three different types of animal weighing scales combined with electronic animal identification and an additional input terminal where relevant data can be entered very easily.


WeightControl "Base" – The stationary platform scales

WeightControl Base is designed to be driven onto by small transporters or carts for calves (e.g. the CalfBuggy). Every time a calf is transported, you just drive over the weighing scales and record the current weight in no time. Ramps make the whole process even easier.

The platform weighing scales have also proven their worth for other purposes. As they can be loaded with up to 2,000 kg, they are ideal for weighing feedstuffs or other items.


WeightControl "Single" – The mobile pass-through weighing scales

WeightControl Single can be transported wherever calves are to be weighed. The doors can be mounted so that they are hinged on the left or right. This allows calves to be easily led in and out of the weighing scales – depending on site conditions. Battery operation allows use even in remote locations, such as outdoor calf hutches.



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