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Always freshly mixed

The CalfExpert calf feeder mixes the milk fresh for each calf. Any residual milk is kept warm and flushed out of the system following longer drinking breaks. Other calf feeders work with a central milk supply. In milk stored this way at 40 °C, the bacterial count doubles every 20 minutes. In contrast, the CalfExpert guarantees maximum hygiene and feeding suitable for every individual animal.

Individual adaptation

A central milk supply has another major disadvantage: modern feeding programmes (e.g. metabolic programming) require a higher CMR concentration (e.g. 160 g/l) at the beginning of rearing to stimulate performance. However, a lower milk replacer powder concentration (130 g/l) is necessary in the weaning phase. This individual animal feeding can only be achieved if the mix is prepared individually for each calf, as is the case with CalfExpert.

QuickChange logic for greater performance

We have accelerated the mixing process and the change of calves in the CalfExpert, thereby optimising utilisation of the HygieneStations.

Milk is mixed quickly and can be called up at the feeding station after just 3 seconds. Once the milk meal is finished, a switch is immediately made to the second feeding station. Here, a second calf can be fed immediately while the first is still satisfying its need to suckle.

In addition, priorities can be specified in the CalfExpert menu so that young or sick calves are given preferential treatment. The tried and tested flexitime programme ensures that meals are distributed very evenly throughout the day without clusters of visits to the stations. The result is reduced waiting times with high animal occupancy and a positive "visiting experience" for the calves.

Enjoy calm and compliant calves

Since CalfExpert does not restrict feeding to certain times of day, calves can come and feed at any time. Your calves will no longer see you as a nurse and will therefore remain calm when people enter the barn. Younger and weaker calves have all the time they need to consume their full ration.

As the CalfExpert also works with an intelligent credit logic, all calves have a feeding credit at a different time. As a result, fewer animals crowd around the station. The anti-pirate milk valve ensures that stronger calves do not steal milk. The result: extremely uniform, relaxed groups of calves.


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