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Abbi Tube Ventilation

Fresh air and a draught-free environment are of vital importance to calves. A disrupted barn climate resulting from a combination of volatilisation, body heat, exhaled air and humidity can be disastrous. This can lead to severe illnesses and impaired growth and development, which later results in lower yields for the dairy cow.

Tube ventilation was explicitly developed to provide fresh air to calves and young cattle in barns. This system draws fresh outside air into the air tube through a fan in the wall. The air is then dispersed through holes in the tube using overpressure. The holes are precisely calculated at Abbi-Aerotech to obtain a comprehensive overview of how the air is distributed and to prevent draughts and downdraughts from forming. The holes and the size of the holes are customised according to the conditions in your barn.

Tube ventilation is also an alternative for supplying fresh air and cooling in dairy barns with low ceilings. In low-ceiling barns or areas, fan placement can sometimes prove too complicated, or the air speed may be too great. For example, this system can provide a great solution in milking parlours.



 • Healthier calves, reduced medicine use

• Improved growth and development

• Optimal air distribution without draughts

• Draws fresh, outside air into the barn

• Improved air quality

• No condensation due to fabric air tube with microperforations

• Comprehensive, adjustable system

• Functions independently of weather conditions

• Easy and quick installation

• Single or double suspension

• Zippers at every 5 metres of tubing

• Washable at 40°C



Fan type: Variable, depending on the diameter and length of the air tube

Fabric type: PMS, 100% polyester with round inlet collar and zipper

Fabric thickness: 0.30mm

Permeability: 22m3 /h/m2 bij 50Pa

Tensile load: 1830/1020N

Fire class: B-s, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1+A1:2010

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