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The EASYFIX Jupiter F mattress is the ultimate in cow comfort. The Jupiter F has an integrated brisket board at the front and pillow on two sides. It is the first mattress in the world to enjoy this feature and ensures optimum positioning of the cow when lying in the cow cubicle.

The mattress has a 45mm layer of polyurethane latex foam, creating a cushioned top surface for maximum comfort. The back of the cow mattress has a sloped and non-abrasive profile which ensures animal waste is pushed into the passageway. The EASYFIX Jupiter F’s hidden interlocks create a seamless finish when installed.


· Encourages a comfortable lying position for cows in the cubicle bed

· Cows can stretch their front legs, for maximum comfort

· Increases cow comfort, welfare and hygiene

· Increases productivity - higher daily milk yields

· Suitable for DIY installation & all cubicle sizes


· Made from natural rubber compound

· 45mm mattress – 50% foam and 50% PU

· Mattress enclosed in a 500-micron sealed wrapper

· Sloped non-abrasive profile at the rear

· Spacers are available to adjust width


· Width: 1195mm

· Length: 1930mm

· Depth: 60mm-100mm


· 10 years

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